About Us

Hello and welcome to Havidol.com! We are Mark and Julia Griffin, your personal guides to everything related to nail care and health.

Based in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, we started this journey due to our personal experiences with our aging parents. We saw firsthand how nail care is often overlooked, especially in the senior years, and how critical it is to overall health and hygiene. This inspired us to delve deeper into the world of nail care and share our findings with you.

Through our own experiences and extensive research, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about nail care, nail health, the use of nail clippers, toenails, toenail clippers, and professional nail care techniques. We understand the challenges that come with aging and we’re committed to sharing our knowledge to help not only you but also your aging loved ones maintain health and wellness through every stage of life.

Havidol is more than just a website providing information; it’s a community. We aim to create a space where people can find reliable advice, share their experiences, and learn from one another about maintaining nail health and hygiene for themselves and their loved ones.

Whether you’re a professional manicurist, a beginner at home, or someone looking to improve the nail health of an aging loved one, we hope Havidol.com will serve as a valuable resource for you. We are here to guide you through your nail care journey.

Thank you for joining us at Havidol.com – together, we’ll ensure that our nails, and the nails of those we care for, are at their best!

Mark and Julia

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