Best 5 Nail Clippers 2023 (Unbiased and Detailed Review)

Finger nail clippers are essential to the health of everyone’s nails, we all want to find the best nail clippers for men and for women. After all, not only can a dull or ineffective fingernail clipper leave you with an uneven trim, but you might be forced to endure some type of injury or a frustrating time trying to accomplish a grooming task that should be simple! 

With all of this in mind, it is not difficult to see why fingernail clippers that are easy to use but high in quality are an important essential for any bathroom cabinet. However, between price considerations and the wide variety of brands, it can be difficult to pick out the best pair of clippers for your money. 

For that reason, we’ve done the research to come up with the best nail clippers, whether you want it for men, women, or seniors. 

In this article, we’ll show you which nail clippers are joining this product near the top of the market. We will offer a list of pros and cons that will outline what makes these products great or less than worth your hard-earned money. We’ll even finish up with a section that can answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic!

TLDR: The Best Nail Clipper For Men and For Women, for seniors and for thick nails, or for any kind of grooming variety, is the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper.



Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper


Swissklip Nail Clipper 360


Germanikure Nail Clipper



Nail Clipper



Kai Nail Clipper

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#1 BEST Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper

best nail clippers

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Overall Rating: 95

  • Podiatrist Recommended: 98
  • Easy to Use: 93
  • Sharp Blades: 97
  • Ergonomic Design: 95
  • Price: 94

Let’s take a look at what makes the #1 Best nail clipper the Swissklip Nail Clipper in the list of pros below.


Top Rated Among Nail Clippers – This pair of nail clippers is counted as one of the highest ranking grooming products when it comes to finger nail care and health. This is very evident by looking at the hundreds of positive customer reviews found on the product’s web page.

Best Option For Your Money – At only $28.99, such a high quality set of nail clippers is quite the bargain.

Designed in Germany – Germany is renowned for it’s excellent metalwork, and these clippers are no exception.

Made With Surgical-Grade Steel – Speaking of an excellent standard for metalwork, these nail clippers have been created with steel that has been used for precise work like surgeries!

Podiatrist Recommended – When a medical professional specifically trained in the health and wellness of the foot recommends a product like Swissklip 360 nail clipper, it’s naturally at the top of our list of stand out products!

Razor Sharp and Laser Cut – Precision is everything when looking to achieve a straight cut, and this set of clippers provides it with curved, wide opening blades.

Easy to Use – With an ergonomic design and non-slip handle, not to mention a fantastic 360 degree rotating head feature, use of the clippers doesn’t get much easier.

Great For Seniors – Thanks to the ease of use detailed above, as well as the precision of the tool, the Swissklip 360 nail clipper is fantastic for senior grooming.

Fast Shipping – The shipping of this product only takes a few days, so your excitement won’t turn to impatience.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee With Friendly Customer Service – No need to worry: the product comes with a Money Back Guarantee, and the customer service representatives at SwissKlip are happy to help!


Sharp Blades – Because of their prime titanium coating and hand-filed sharpness, the SwissKlip does come with the slightest safety concern because of it’s sharpness.

Large Blade – Sometimes, such a wide blade is not suitable for precision cuts of smaller nails, unable to shape them as accurately as some may wish.


#2 Germanikure Nail Clippers

best nail clippers

Let’s check out the pros and cons of these fingernail clippers by Germanikure, seeing what makes them number 2 on our list of best nail clippers!


Comes With Black Leather Case – This snazzy black leather case can make it less easy to lose a good pair of nail clippers, which is important when trying to keep a quality item. 

Created With German Engineering – German engineering is important when looking for quality nail care items. In fact, it was a noted German scientist who discovered stainless steel’s corrosion-resistant qualities, making nail care products from Germany a cut above the rest.

Comes With a Payment Plan Option – It is always a good idea to have options when it comes to paying for a product, especially if you need it as urgently as some grooming and nail care products like nail clippers! Germanikure offer a payment plan option when the product is ordered.


Lack of Ability to Maneuver – Unfortunately, Germanikure nail clippers can’t really be considered the best fingernail clippers because they just don’t offer the same level of maneuverability that SwissKlip’s product does. 

Wide Set Blade – The wideness of the blade could be counted against this product as a less precise way to trim the edges of one’s fingernails. For this reason, it is lower down on our list of the best fingernail clippers.

Expensive – At a whopping $79.45, Germanikure nail clippers will certainly weigh on the wallet more than you may think necessary. 


#3 Kai Nail Clipper

best nail clippers

A set of Japanese Nail Clippers, the Kai Nail Clipper is another great grooming choice in nail clippers for men. Take a look at the pros and cons proving where this item ranks in our list of best fingernail clippers below:



Nail File Included – Another important aspect of nail care is nail filing, according to! Kai Nail Clippers go above and beyond by offering a nail file along with their clippers.

Stainless Steel Makeup – As previously mentioned, stainless steel is a desirable metal to construct nail clippers out of thanks to being resistant to corrosion, meaning your clippers will last longer. 



Expensive – For the quality of Kai Nail Clippers as a product, $39.99 is a bit too pricey for our tastes. 

Uncomfortable Grip – The grip on Kai Nail Clipper is a little uncomfortable, which could, in turn, lead to the dangers of dropping the product or having a frustrating user experience. 

Little Information on Customer Service – Though the Kai Nail Clippers website gets straight to the point, their customer service is undermined by a lack of extensive information on the product or it’s benefits.


#4 Zwilling Henckels Nail Clipper

best nail clippers

The Zwilling Henckels Nail Clipper is next up on our list, and though it does not quite shine as brightly as the Best Nail Clippers, it is still a respectable choice in it’s own right! Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this set of nail clippers. 


Free Returns – If you are not satisfied with a product, the last thing you need to worry about is return costs or hassles. Zwilling Henckels Nail Clippers are free when it comes to sending the item back. This is a great bonus that helped to land this product on our list of the best fingernail clippers around!

Sustainability Certification – For those who are environmentally conscious and careful to purchase items that are high in quality of sustainability, this is a definite plus!


Low Quality – Unfortunately for Zwilling Henckels nail clippers, the reviews on this product would agree with our assessment: these nail clippers are poor in quality. This is especially concerning when noting the high price: $63.09 is just too much for the level of craftsmanship put into this product.

Curved Blade Lacks Precision – Though a curved blade can be helpful when it comes to trimming some types of finger nails, the curved blade of the Zwilling Henckels Nail Clipper lacks precision for a careful trim. 

Unattractive Gold PVD Finish – Far from the stainless steel finish on some of our higher-rated choices, this option on our list of the best fingernail clippers is not very attractive thanks to a washed out gold PVD finish.


#5 Revlon Nail Clippers

best nail clippers

Revlon is a well-circulated brand for bodily care, but how do their nail clippers hold up? Let’s check out what landed these nail clippers a spot on our list of the best fingernail clippers by examining the pros and cons of the product!



Inexpensive – One of the pleasant things that draws many customers to these nail clippers is that the Revlon brand is famously cheap. These sell at just $5.99.

Cuticle Pusher Included – A great advantage to nail care is the use of objects that can gently and safely push our cuticles back to promote healthy nail growth. This product comes with a cuticle pusher. 



Cheap Makeup – There is a reason Revlon can sell these nail clippers so cheap: you definitely get a poor quality set of clippers for much less money. 

Lack of Clean Cuts – Revlon nail clippers can get through fingernails cleanly once or twice, but according to most consumer reviews, they lose their sharpness and create uneven, jagged nail trims afterward.

Poor Job on Thick Nails – Because of this product’s lack of quality, Revlon nail clippers will likely lose their sharpness or break entirely if tried on thick nails. 


What to Look For in the Best Fingernail Clippers?

best nail clippers

When hunting for a great nail cutter tool, there are plenty of questions that can go into the search. Should you look for a tool made from a certain part of the world’s craftsmanship, such as Japanese Nail Clippers? Should the blades be straight, or should you search for angled nail clippers? Let’s go over what to look for in the best fingernail clippers.

High quality nail clippers could be defined as a nail cutter tool that handles all kinds of nails and can double not only as a great trimming agent, but for other aspects of nail care, like filing or cuticle management, too. Let’s take a look at these aspects below:

  • Clean Cuts
  • German Craftsmanship
  • Additional Utilities
  • Reasonable Price

Using this criteria, you’ll be trimming your nails as if using professional nail clippers in no time! 


What are the Best Nail Clippers For Men?

best nail clippers

When it comes to fingernail clippers for men, one can’t be too careful to find a product that is not only high in quality, but sustainable; after all, why purchase several imperfect products if you can find the best one to last you a lifetime? 

In the interest of accomplishing this goal, look for the best men’s nail clippers that can not only offer a clean cut the first time, but is easy to use. A nail clipper’s stainless steel makeup can also ensure that you’ll have a tool which will last instead of breaking down. 

The edge of a nail clipper is important to consider, as well. For example, ingrown nail clipper products are usually synonymous with straight nail clipper tools. This is because an ingrown nail usually curves as it grows to extend into the skin. A type of slanted nail clipper can encourage this rather than resolve it, meaning you’ll need a straight fingernail clipper for better results.

However, if a man does not suffer from ingrown nails, a nail clipper that manages to be sharp, clean, long-lasting, and fulfill the requirements of easy grip nail clippers is what he should be looking for. 

With that in mind, we certainly recommend none other than Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper, which is the number one product when considering the best men’s nail clippers.


Best Nail Clippers for Women

best nail clippers

Nail clippers are a crucial part of any nail care routine, but not all clippers are created equal. Women, in particular, need a nail clipper that is specifically designed for their needs.

What should women look for in a fingernail clipper and how they differ from nail clippers for men?

First and foremost, it’s essential to choose a high-quality nail clipper that is durable and will last for a long time. Look for clippers made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or titanium, which are resistant to rust and corrosion.

The clipper should also have sharp blades that can easily cut through nails without tearing or damaging them.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a nail clipper is the size and shape of the cutting edge. Women often have smaller nails than men, so a nail clipper with a smaller cutting edge may be more suitable. The cutting edge should also be curved, rather than straight, to better conform to the natural curve of the nail. This will help prevent any painful nicks or cuts.

In addition to the size and shape of the cutting edge, women may also prefer a nail clipper with a more ergonomic design. Look for clippers with a comfortable grip that fits well in your hand, allowing you to easily and accurately clip your nails. Some nail clippers also have built-in nail files or other features that can be helpful for maintaining your nails.

One of the main differentiators between nail clippers for women and men is the size and shape of the clipper itself. Women’s nail clippers are often smaller and more compact, making them easier to store and carry in a purse or travel bag. Men’s nail clippers, on the other hand, are often larger and more rugged, designed to handle thicker, tougher nails.

When choosing a nail clipper, women should look for a high-quality, durable clipper with a small, curved cutting edge and an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It’s also important to choose a clipper that is easy to use and maintain. By selecting the right nail clipper, women can ensure that their nails stay healthy and beautiful, without any painful or unsightly nicks or cuts.


Best Nail Clippers For Seniors

Best Nail clippers for seniors

Seniors can have more difficulty cutting their finger nails thanks to a lack of maneuverability in their nail clipper products. As we age, our own flexibility, especially in reaching to cut our nails, can become understandably limited.

 Not only that, but gripping a tool like fingernail clippers for seniors can be a hassle on it’s own, especially if using large nail clippers. Despite these challenges, the health of one’s nails gets no less important as we age. 

Many seniors resort to cutting their nails using electric nail clippers or even long handled nail clippers. However, the best choice when searching for finger nail clippers for seniors is always going to be one that is constructed with the most easily maneuvered design. 

Not only is maneuverability important, but the best nail clippers for seniors will also come with easy grips, to avoid dropping or slipping while holding the clippers themselves. This will reduce the risk of injury while making the overall grooming experience fast and painless. Overall, the best nail clippers for seniors are the ones that are easiest to use!

The 360 degree rotating head on the SwissKlip 360 Nail clipper is precisely the solution when in the market for nail clippers for seniors. Using it will enable anyone hunting for the best fingernail clippers to work much less hard on getting a clean, even cut for their whole nail. 


Fingernail Clippers for Thick Nails

best nail clippers

 Nails can be an indicator of good health, especially if they are growing in nice and thick. However, a problem can make itself known if your nails are so thick that you have trouble finding a finger nail clipper sharp enough to get through them!

Even if you do have sharp nail clippers, sometimes such hardy thick nails can leave you unable to get a straight, clean cut. However, thick nail clippers that actually work are possible to find!

When getting nail clippers for thick nails, it is important to find a pair that are not only sharp, but are made in a high enough quality to last. After all, if they are going to be clipping through thick fingernails, you don’t want your product to succumb to wear and tear too easily.

For this reason, we definitely recommend a pair of medical grade nail clippers like SwissKlip 360.

This product’s surgical grade stainless steel can not only clip neatly through the thickest nails, but the wide opening blades make the chore easy to complete. Not only that, but the German craftsmanship  will keep these nail clippers working in fine form for many, many years. This product is definitely our top choice when it comes to nail clippers for thick nails!


FAQ Section

Looking for more information on the best finger nail clippers? We’ve got the answers in this frequently asked questions section!

Are straight or curved nail clippers better?

Whether or not you need straight or curved blades on your nail clippers is dependent on which part of your nails you are trimming. As previously mentioned, those who have a tendency toward ingrown nails should look for a great product with straight blades to discourage growth of nail edges into the skin. 

If you’re looking for the best toe nail clippers, you will want to stick with straight nail clippers, while curved nail clippers are best for finger nails. 

What is the best nail clippers on the market?

The best nail clippers are not only cost-effective, but easily accessible thanks to great customer service and shipping, high in quality thanks to German craftsmanship, and easy to use thanks to customer-friendly features like an easy grip. For these reasons, we recommend SwissKlip 360 nail clippers as the best nail clippers!

What kind of nail clippers should I use? 

According to experts across the board, the kind of nail clippers that should be used for the least allergenic risks and healthiest, clean cuts should be made from stainless steel. Electric fingernail clippers can be useful for those who don’t have mobility in their hands. 

Nail clippers for seniors should be easy to hold and sharp enough to create clean cuts with ease for the health of the individual. However, if you are dealing with a type of toe nail fungus or need the best callus remover or foot scrubber, do not attempt to use nail clippers for these tasks. 

What is the difference between nail nippers and nail clippers?

A nail clipper is typically constructed using a lever or a long handle, while nail nippers sometimes look more like a pair of pliers. Some brands will simply style the name of their product “nail nipper,” even if the design conforms more to regular nail clippers.


Best Nail Clippers – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best nail clipper should be high quality and fairly priced, no matter if they are for men or for women.

We’ve found five of the best nail clippers and Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper is the Best Nail Clipper for Men and at the same time Best Nail Clipper for Women.

Why is Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper the Best Nail Clipper? 

This product is made of quality stainless steel. It’s easy to hold, with blades that open wide on a 360 swiveling head, for a fair price.

These nail clippers are so well-made that they’ll probably last the rest of your life. The product is so popular that you should invest in a pair for yourself and as gifts for friends before they’re gone! 

If you want the best nail clippers, BUY NOW!