Germanikure Nail Clipper Reviews: Is This Right For You?

TLDR Verdict: 

After thoroughly examining this product, we’ve determined that Germanikure Nail Clippers are simply not a great tool to trim one’s toenails. Instead, we recommend SwissKlip 360 Nail Clipper as the best nail clipper on the nail care market. 


Germanikure Nail Clipper Pros ; Cons:

Germanikure Nail Clipper

The best way to assess whether or not a product is worth your hard earned time and money for nail care is to go through an itemized list of what the item has going for it, as well as what elements make it ineffective. Below, you’ll find our list of pros and cons for Germanikure Nail Clippers.


  • Includes Leather Black Case – Sometimes having a case to keep your smaller health care products in can prevent unfortunate accidents or losses of the product. Leather is also a great material for safely storing anything sharp or easily damaged, so the fact that Germanikure includes this case is a definite bonus. 
  • Created in Solingen Germany – Germanikure Nail Clipper is created using what would normally be considered tried and true German engineering. These finger nail clippers are authentically made in Solingen, Germany, which may be a vote of confidence for those looking to put their money into this nation’s workmanship.
  • Payment Plan Available – Though it may not be anything special when purchasing from, there is a payment plan available when purchasing this product. That means spending money does not have to leave your wallet all at once, giving you time to actually try Germanikure Nail Clippers out. 


Now let’s take a look at some of the more unfortunate aspects of Germanikure Nail Clipper sets.

  • Difficult to Hold – Some of the easiest ways to injure oneself when trimming nails is when one does not have a firm, solid grip on the tool they’re using. Germanikure nail trimmers are traditionally shaped, but this means they are flat, small, and hard-edged, which does not help a good grip.
  • Expensive – At almost $80 US Dollars, Germanikure Nail Clippers are a hefty price for something that simply does not hold up in terms of quality or longevity. It is simply too much money to spend, even with the black leather case and secondary pair of clippers included.
  • Easily Dulled – One of the worst things anyone can say about a product, especially one made in the city of blades, is that they become ineffective over time. Despite the fact that these clippers are made to be used multiple times on toe and finger nails, they actually become duller and duller with repeated use.
  • Hard to Maneuver – Some of the newer, more beneficial finger nail clippers on the market come with swiveling blade shapes that make cutting hard to reach edges easier. Unfortunately, Germanikure Nail Clipper is not one of those products. It’s small, simple size actually makes this hard to do.
  • Leather Case Loses Shape – One of the pros listed above is that Germanikure Nail Clippers come with a leather case to hold the tools. Unfortunately, over time we found that this leather case begins to loosen it’s shape and the strap it comes with, leaving consumers in danger of their clippers falling out of the protective case.
  • Poor For Thick Nails – If you struggle cutting thick toenails to elderly, you will find that Germanikure is not truly the best bang for your buck. The smaller pair of clippers that comes with the product package will do nothing to get through the nails. You may have better luck with the larger pair, but only for the first few uses before blades are dulled.

What Are Germanikure Nail Clippers?

Germanikure Nail Clipper

Germanikure Nail Clippers, sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Germanicures” are a pair of fingernail cutter tools meant to give consumers a way to trim their nails for the health of their toes. They are made in Solingen Germany through a hand-crafting process.

One end of the Germanikure Nail Clipper has rivets that are meant to encourage precision as the clippers’ blades meet during the finger nail clipping process. They are made with Swedish steel, which is meant to be resistant to rust and wear and tear. 

Germanikure Nail Clippers are part of a larger product line that includes other nail care accessories. The clippers themselves are included in a package of two with a black leather case.

Germanikure Nail Clipper Main Features

Let’s break down exactly what makes Germanikure Nail Clipper stand out a bit as it’s own product. For starters, this product, as previously mentioned, comes in a pair. One clipper is small and made to be used on finger nails, and the other is larger to break through toe nails. Both are equipped with pincer-like designs and flat, Swedish Steel handles. 

There are no removable parts to these clippers, and one of the more interesting features is the black leather case which is included in the whole bundle when purchased off of It uses sleeves and a strap in a combination to keep the clippers secure, side by side. 

How is Germanikure Nail Clipper Compared to Other Toenail Clippers?

Germanikure Nail Clipper

The bottom line is, Germanikure Nail Clipper is a product that works eventually, just like the Kai nail clipper, but is not worth the money that needs to be spent to purchase it. It may cut a customer’s toenails just fine for the first two or three attempts, but customers have complained that after this the blades quickly become useless and dull. 

Further use of the product can cause incorrect or ragged cuts to the edge of toenails. This, coupled with the lack of a comfortable handling area, makes Germanikure Nail Clipper a product with few of the benefits that the best fingernail clippers can boast, such as SwissKlip 360. All in all, we truly believe that SwissKlip 360 nail clipper is better than Germanikure.

Who Should Buy the Germanikure Nail Clipper?

If you’re a fan of German-created products, Germanikure Nail Clipper may be the one for you. However, if you don’t like spending too much money for a more difficult task thanks to a product that is simply less than the best, we do not recommend Germanikure Nail Clipper for you.

Why Should You Get a Germanikure Nail Clipper?

Some prefer to purchase nail care products like the Germanikure Nail Clipper because they would rather spend their money on an expensive product that will give them a hard time cutting their toenails than they would on a more fairly priced option that makes the job easier. 

If you want an expensive pair of finger nail clippers, go with Germanikure Nail Clipper. If you want the best nail clippers on the market, we recommend Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper.

How Do You Use Germanikure Nail Clipper?

Germanikure Nail Clipper

Germanikure Nail Clippers are fairly easy to use, even if they are not always effective. There is no complex setup or moving parts. To use these, simply decide which trim you need to perform: toes, or fingers? If you are trimming your fingernails, use the smaller pair provided in the Germanikure Nail Clipper package. If you’re trimming toenails, use the larger pair. 

Carefully position your nails between the two parallel razor blades on one end of the product while gently holding the levered end in your free hand. 

When you have the blades where you want them, squeeze the two halves of the handle together for a clipped result. If you’ve used Germanikure Nail Clipper often enough and find, like customers, that the blades have dulled and you cannot get a clean cut, you may need to wiggle the pinched blades back and forth before you can actually cut the unwanted nail away.

Does Germanikure Nail Clipper Really Work?

Yes, Germanikure Nail Clipper does really work, but the process to use it is more difficult than necessary due to the lower quality of the item. As previously mentioned, you may find yourself having a less than crisp, clean cut on your nails. 

Instead, we recommend a much better product like SwissKlip 360 Nail Clippers.

Germanikure Nail Clipper: What Are Customers Saying?

One of the best ways to ascertain whether or not a product works well is to simply read the reviews. As you can see on Germanikure Nail Clipper’s product page, customer reviews are less than great. 

Luckily, it is possible to get a much more superior nail clipper if you are looking for benefits and a price that is significantly lower. 

Where Can You Order a Germanikure Nail Clipper?

If, in spite of our and several other customers’ poor experience, you still decide to try Germanikure Nail Clipper out for yourself, it can be purchased on

Final Verdict: 

Germanikure Nail Clipper

The Germanikure Nail Clipper is strictly average when it comes to nail care benefits. It may be described as a good toenail clipper for the first few uses, but after that, both our and other customers’ experiences clearly prove that the product is not worth the money. 

Germanikure Nail Clipper only makes cutting your toenails and finger nails more difficult, and it costs too much for such a frustrating experience. The only reason to purchase this product is if you prefer German craftsmanship that doesn’t hold up to the usual standard of excellence and are willing to pay too much money.

Alternatively, we believe that Swissklip’s product is better. For the Best Nail clippers, we firmly recommend SwissKlip 360 Nail Clipper as the worthwhile alternative. 

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