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A Pretty But Ineffective Nail Clipper

TLDR Verdict: 

When we finished researching these clippers, we found that they were only pretty but not useful. Instead of Kai Nail Clipper, we believe that Swissklip 360 nail clipper is the best nail clipper for a customer’s money and nail health! 

Kai Nail Clipper Pros ; Cons:

Kai Nail Clippers

One of the most beneficial methods to figuring out whether or not a health and body care product like nail clippers are actually useful is simply to break down their features into a list of pros versus a list of cons. We’ve done that in the section below, starting with pros:


  • Attractive Design – It is hard to deny the Kai Nail Clipper looks really nice. It is made with a white finish that contrasts pleasingly with the black razor guards, and is shaped in an elegant, wide to thin manner. The design simply looks nice, like something one would see at a professional spa.
  • Comes in a Dual Set – One of the nicer benefits about this product is that is a purchase which can cover the nail care needs of two different areas: a medium sized clipper is added for the toes, while a smaller clipper is made to take care of finger nails. This can come in handy as a one-time purchase rather than looking for two separate sizes.
  • Inexpensive – As far as pricing goes, this may be one of the less expensive options on the nail care market. It sells at only $19.99 on, including two different nail clippers and a file to go with it. While it is true that you get the quality you pay for, sometimes it can be nice to try out a product that does not break the bank.


With the pros covered, let’s go over some of the more plentiful downsides to Kai Nail Clipper as a product. 

  • Dulls Fast – The Kai Nail Clipper will scissor and snip right through even thick toe and finger nails the first few times it is used. Sadly, after those first few tries, the blades quickly become dull and can leave customers with a nasty ragged cut and a frustrating time of use.
  • Breaks Easily – Unfortunately, when an item that is meant to be used for consistent squeezing and pressurizing with the use of razors breaks, it can not only be ineffective and disappointing, but even dangerous! 
  • Bevel is Too Thick For Regular Nails – One of the main customer complaints that we found to be accurate was that this pair of more cheaply-made nail clippers is actually that they are too large to fit between the nail bed and the nail itself. This makes for a near-impossible cut.
  • Unclean Cut – The primary function of any nail clipper is to clip of the dead or weakening ends of a fingernail to promote new growth and clean, professional-looking edges to nails themselves. The Kai Nail Clipper offers the opposite of that; because the blades dull fast, they wind up doing half a job and leaving nails with ragged edges.
  • Difficult to Use – There are several small factors that build up into one big downside when it comes to Kai Nail Clipper, making it hard to use. One of these factors is that it is not shaped ergonomically, difficult to hold and even squeeze. Another is that the nail-trapping mechanism is actually hard to empty or clean out.
  • Low Quality – There is simply no replacing an item that is high in quality. You can usually tell just by the weight and sturdiness of a product’s design whether or not it will be able to handle repetitive, pressure-related activity. Unfortunately, Kai Nail Clippers’ lack of quality is very evident as soon as you attempt to use them. 

What Are Kai Nail Clipper?

Kai Nail Clippers

Kai Nail Clipper is a product created by the Otsumami Tokyo brand. They are a set of lever-based nail clippers that are menat to not only slice through the unwanted ends of nails for the health and safety of the consumer, but catch the nail clippings in an aspect of the device called a nail catcher.

Often these are sold in packages of two or more, with the variance in sizes meant to help consumers trim either their toenails or fingernails with more precision. To know which one to use, read this Toenail Clippers vs Finger nail clippers article. The clippers themselves are created with stainless steel, but finished with a white coloration while the nail catching portion is black, making the product attractive to the eye. 

Kai Nail Clipper Main Features

 In order to properly understand the Kai Nail Clipper product, let’s take a closer look at the main features they have to offer. Kai Nail Clippers are lever-shaped clippers which are renowned for their pleasing aesthetic. As previously mentioned, they are made of a shining stainless steel that is colored white and black. 

These typically come in packages that have more than one size. The medium is meant to clip toenails, while the small is meant to clip fingernails. This is because the larger size has a pair of curved razor edges while the smaller size is straight to decrease the chances of ingrown nails. 

Another main feature of this product is the inclusion of a red emery board meant to file down excess nail edges. Unfortunately, due to the easily dulled nature of the blades and the ragged cut they can leave you with, the emery board is the most effective part of the product. 

Finally, one of the more beneficial main features of Kai Nail Clipper is the nail catching black portion, which is meant to keep hold of nail trimmings so consumers will not have to take the time to sweep up or clean up after their trimming task. 

How is Kai Nail Clipper Compared to Other Toenail Clippers?

Kai Nail Clippers

Kai Nail Clipper does manage to trim toe and finger nails, even if they are thick, but ultimately they only look good and do not do an excellent job, same as the Zwilling Henckels nail clipper. For the best nail clipper, we recommend a product with more benefits like Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper. 

Kai Nail Clipper cannot offer the same manueverability that the rotating head on a SwissKlip does, and it also dulls or even breaks much more easily. To top it off, while the SwissKlip is comfortable and firm to hang on to, Kai Nail Clipper is easily dropped or lost thanks to it’s awkward pincher shape. 

Who Should Buy the Kai Nail Clipper?

The only people who should purchase Kai Nail Clipper are those who like to pay for products that look nice, but ultimately do not last long or do a good job.

Why Should You Get a Kai Nail Clipper?

If you are looking for a pair of nail clippers that look pretty but have very little long-lasting utility in nail care, Kai Nail Clipper is for you. However, if you really want the experience that the best fingernail clippers can offer, we commend SwissKlip 360 Nail Clipper to you.

How Do You Use Kai Nail Clipper?

The use of Kai Nail Clipper is not very difficult or complex to understand, at first. After unboxing the product, decide which size to use. The size, as mentioned above, is meant to be dependent on which nail you are trimming. The medium, which has a straight blade, should be used on toenails. The small, which has a curved blade, is better for fingernails. 

Before cutting nails, use your finger to press the nail catcher and slide it to the edge of the blade. This will position it to catch the nail clippings for you.

Once this is settled, simply move the nail you want to trim until the lower blade is between your nail bed ant the nail itself, while the upper blade is above the fingernail. Then, pinch the blades together with the levers on the other end of the product until the nail snips away. 

To clean the nail clippings out of the nail catcher, slide the cover back down and shake the product to loosen the trimmings so that the fall into a waiting trash can or receptacle for waste. Sometimes this can be a hassle, as smaller clippings can get stuck and be more trouble than they’re worth.

Does Kai Nail Clipper Really Work?

Kai Nail Clippers

Kai Nail Clipper does actually work; it will cut away any part of your nail you believe needs to be trimmed. However, it does eventually dull or even break, leaving you with nails in worse shape than before. Better products have better benefits for the user, such as SwissKlip 360.

Kai Nail Clipper: What Are Customers Saying?

 Customer reviews offer helpful insight into this product. Unfortunately, they are not favorable; some customers find these cheap in quality, while others note the fact that the blades do not fit around their nails for precision or clean cuts.

If you want to find better nail clippers, it is easy to do.

Where Can You Order a Kai Nail Clipper?

Kai Nail Clippers

Although we cannot recommend the product, Kai Nail Clipper can be purchased on

Final Verdict: 

To sum it all up, Kai Nail Clipper is a product that offers a lovely design but very little utility. It is low in cost, but this is a reflection on it’s low quality. Instead, we recommend the best nail clipper out there: SwissKlip 360 Nail Clipper!

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