Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Reviews: The Best Fingernail Clippers for Seniors?

Swissklip nail clipper 360

Finding the perfect finger nail clippers can be the difference between independence and needing assistance, especially as we age. When your hands start to shake, it’s hard to trust yourself to be steady with intricate tasks like trimming your fingernails. 

But after scouring Swissklip reviews, we wanted to give them a try. After all, you don’t want to spend money if they’re only going to break or become blunt in a matter of moments!

So, stick with us to find out if Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper is really the best fingernail clippers for seniors. 

TLDR: The Swiss clip reviews weren’t lying — it’s truly the Best nail Clippers set on the market. From their double-sharpened, hand-filed blades to the 360-degree rotating head, the product is perfect for those with limited mobility who don’t want to spend a fortune. 


Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Pros and Cons

Swissklip Nail Clipper 360

The Pros

  • Made from medical-grade stainless steel for longevity
  • Ideal for seniors and those with limited mobility
  • 360-degree rotating head for easy clipping
  • Long, comfortable handles
  • Double-sharpened, hand-filed blades
  • Ergonomic design for cutting from all angles


The Cons

  • Only available from Swissklip’s official website
  • Stocks won’t last, so you need to act quickly


What Is Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

Swissklip Nail Clipper 360

The Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper is the original rotating cutting tool that lets you access your nails without straining or using your hands in unnatural ways. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the clippers are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts for decades.

It boasts long handles for a comfortable grip, and the entire product undergoes a particular hardening procedure for maximum effect. It doesn’t look like your average nail clipper because it isn’t — it surpasses the norm for a top-notch cut every single time. 

The German nail clipper comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with the item, you can return it within two weeks and receive a full refund!

Key Features of The Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper

Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper

The Swiss Clip nail clippers come with a few notable features, including:

Ideal for Seniors

As we age, joint pain becomes more prominent, making utilizing standard nail clippers challenging. Unfortunately, this means many older adults neglect this part of their hygiene routine, causing long, yellowing, thick nails that are difficult to trim. 

But with these Swiss nail clippers for seniors, the task becomes easy again. The company has designed the nail cutters with seniors in mind, ensuring every part of the design helps them and encourages long-lasting independence.

Extra Long Handles

One of the key issues with standard nail clippers is the tiny handles — we’d argue they’re too small to really be called handles in the first place! It’s tricky to grip and near-on impossible to squeeze if you deal with joint pain. 

The Swissklip 360 model has extra long handles, allowing you to grip them in a more natural, comfortable way. Plus, dropping them isn’t a worry, thanks to the larger surface area. 

Supremely Sharp Blades

Don’t let $1 grocery store nail clippers cloud your judgment on nail clipper blades; we know they’re very rarely sharp. But the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper cuts like a dream.

The company hand-files the double-sharpened blades for maximum impact. You won’t have to worry about squeezing overly hard for them to work; a gentle push is enough for the blades to slice through your nails like butter, leaving a no-need-to-file edge. 

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

These fingernail clippers are made from the highest-quality medical-grade stainless steel.

Due to the material excellence, these will likely be the last nail cutters you buy! They’ll last for decades without dulling or falling apart. Now that’s what we call value for money.

Ideal for People with Limited Mobility

The 360-degree rotating head allows you to keep your hand in one position while reaching every single fingernail — no more twisting and bending to get standard clippers into the correct position. 

This feature, alongside the long handles, makes it perfect for those with limited mobility or arthritis; very little movement is needed to trim nails with the Swissklip 360. 

How Does Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Compare to Other Fingernail Clippers?

Swissklip nail clipper 360

Let’s take a look at how the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper compares to others on the market, like the Germanikure Nail Clipper.

Firstly, the Germanikure model doesn’t come with a 360-degree rotating head. The Swissklip is the original clipper with this feature; you won’t find it elsewhere. 

Secondly, it uses much higher-quality materials (medical-grade stainless steel) yet manages to be cheaper than the Germanikure Nail Clipper. That’s right; you won’t have to splash as much cash despite acquiring more benefits. 

Thirdly, the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper boasts long, comfortable handles. The Germanikure model is similar in size to regular nail clippers. Thus, it’s not recommended for seniors with limited mobility. Before using it, you would need to learn how to soften your toenails.

Finally, the Swissklip model’s blades are double-sharpened, hand-filed, and coated in titanium for an unbeatable cut. They’re ten times sharper than standard nail clipper blades, ensuring it’s perfect for thick nails too!

Who Should Buy the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

The clipper is made for people with limited mobility, arthritis, or age-related joint pain. Anybody who can relate to either of those should purchase these best fingernail clippers. 

Why Should You Get the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

If you are looking for an easy-to-use pair of nail clippers that are made for seniors or those with limited mobility, you should buy the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper. Showcasing the best of German design and materials, the cutters will last for decades and boast excellent value for money. 

How Do You Use the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

You use the nail trimmers like standard clippers but with the extra benefits — long handles and super-sharp blades.

Unlike regular clippers, you won’t need to squeeze hard to slice through thick or long nails. And the swivel head ensures you can reach all sides of your nails without twisting your wrist. 

Does Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Really Work?

After testing them for a few weeks, we’re glad to say these clippers really work. They cut through nails like butter, eliminating the need to file the edges. We can’t fault them. 

Is Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Safe to Use?

Absolutely! We’ve used them for weeks now and can confirm they’re 100% safe to use.

How Long Does Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper Blades Stay Sharp?

The blades are made from titanium-coated stainless steel to ensure they last for decades. You won’t need to worry about them dulling after a few uses. 

What Are Customers Saying About the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

There is plenty of five-star Swissklip nail clipper reviews out there, with customers saying how the cutters have changed their hygiene routines for the better. 

Many users state how easy the clippers are to control, praising the blades for their sharpness and precision. Some say they were having trouble cutting their nails for a while, but this set turned this around, allowing them to regain independence in this department. 

Overall, the majority of customers absolutely love them — many note they’re purchasing more for their friends!

Where Can You Order the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper?

Swissklip Nail Clipper 360

You can order the best German nail clippers directly from the manufacturer’s website. You’ll get a 14-day money-back guarantee and fast shipping with your order! Ours arrived within four days.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

We managed to get a 50% discount! But that won’t last forever. You’ll have to be quick if you want to get these high-quality nail clippers for the best price. 

Why Is the Company Running this Massive Discount?

Swissklip is a family business that wants to help everybody get life-changing products without breaking the bank. So, the company often runs huge discounts to allow as many people as possible to put their health first — and the fingernail cutter is no exception. 

How Is It So Affordable?

We’ve all heard the adage, “you get what you pay for,” so you might be thinking that such an affordable product couldn’t truly bring such value to your life. But that isn’t the case with the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper. 

The company has made them so affordable because they don’t work with third parties to sell their product. Instead, you purchase it directly from them, making it cheaper for you.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the Swissklip 360 Nail Clipper has changed our lives for the better — no more awkward twisting or excessive filing to get the perfect cut!

We can’t get enough of the swivel head and long handles. And we’re sure you’ll love them too. Swissklip has undoubtedly made the best fingernail clippers for seniors on the market. 

The clippers surpass standard models and last a lifetime. The only problem is that supplies won’t last, especially with the too-good-to-miss discount they’re offering. So, you will need to be quick if you want them.

Stocks Won’t Last! Get the Best Fingernail Clippers While You Can!

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